Microbiology Products

Microbiological analyses by culture require selective growth mediums. Growth mediums available on the market are not generally adapted to oenology. Using its wealth of experience in microbiology, LAFFORT, in collaboration with SARCO Laboratory, has developed a large range of culture mediums specifically for microbiological analyses of wines and other fermented drinks.

Our mediums come ready to use in pre-packaged Petri dishes..

product CodeMicroorganisms sought
MIL-LEV Yeasts
MIL-BRETT Brettanomyces yeasts
MIL-BA Acetic bacteria
MIL-BL Lactic bacteria
MIL-BT Total bacteria
MIL-FT Total flora
MIL-LM Yeast / molds


Download the  quick microbiological protocol for filtration analysis on gelose medium


The Botrytest is a quick detection method for laccase activity. It was developed in collaboration with the Enology faculty and approved by many estates, it can be trusted on grapes, musts and wines.

Download the product data sheet

Download the protocol

Download the technical data sheet : Botrytest


Pectin testPectinetest

Pectin test is a test for pectine detection.

Download the Protocol 


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