EN Lafase XL Press

LAFFORT® extends its range of liquid enzymes.

Building on the success of its enzyme range, Laffort extends its liquid enzyme offer with LAFASE® XL PRESS. Born from Laffort’s in-depth understanding of winemaking practices and enzymatic activities, this new PURIFIED formulation is highly specific for the maceration and pressing phases in the production of whites and rosés wines. LAFASE® XL PRESS is a pectinase blend that can increase free run juice yields, shorten press cycles and reduce phenolic extraction during pressing. It offers outstanding quantitative and qualitative technological performance.


 Bacti Control

Two new bio-control tools for wine during ageing.

The protection of wines against spoilage micro-organisms requires a particular attention, especially in SO2 reduction processes or in the absence of sulphiting.
Thanks to the success of OENOBrett® to fight against Brettanomyces and to broaden its range of solutions, LAFFORT® now offers 2 specific new bio-control formulations for the microbial stabilization of wines.
MICROControl® and BACTIControl® are used on wine and will protect them during ageing.



Limiting the development of indigenous flora that can have a potentially negative impact on wine quality is an important issue in SO2 reduction itineraries at harvesting. In 2017, after several years of research and testing on non-Saccharomyces yeasts and vinification with no or small quantities of SO2, LAFFORT® are now offering ZYMAFLORE® ÉGIDETDMP, an association of Torulaspora delbrueckii and Metschnikowia pulcherrima. These two non-Saccharomyces yeasts are known to secure wine quality and are thus ideal candidates for grape bioprotection.

EN Lactoenos B7

In the aim of providing winemakers with a solution adapted to their needs for an effecient and simple product to use for the MLF management, and after 4 trial campaigns in the Southern and the Northern hemisphere, LAFFORT® launches LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT.
With this bacterium, LAFFORT® presents to winemakers a tool combining a high malolactic performance in red, white and rose wines with pH ≥ 3,2 and an easy to use product; LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT can be directly inoculated into the wine.



Furthering its knowledge of nature and oenological phenomena, LAFFORT creates new enological specialties from natural wine components. These products come from innovative and patented production processes. Modern œnology, more natural, more precise…to create and preserve the best wine!



Keenly aware of the highly technical nature of producing rosé wines with numerous complex hues and aromas LAFFORT® launches its carrément rosé, a range of targeted products specifically adapted to the production of superior rosé wines, including POLYMUST® ROSÉ, a preparation of vegetal protein from potato and PVPP for the stabilisation of Rosé hue



Laffort SPARK® revisits the disgorging tool for sparkling wine producers.
Its ergonomic shape allows an optimal grip for manual frozenor flying (à la volée) disgorgement. Hand disgorging is also very useful for gushing wine as it allows manual control throughout the opening process by using the thumb to manage the speed of degassing, thereby limiting wine loss. This tool is also essential to efficiently disgorge trial wines or to follow the evolution of wine produced by traditional method during aging on yeast lees.
The disgorging key is solid, made entirely of stainless steel and has a non-treated wooden handle for perfect grip.


LAFFORT® now puts at the disposal of winemakers a tool for the production of wines of a great aromatic purity (very low production of negative sulphur compounds (including SO2 and H2S) and compounds binding SO2). Zymaflore® XPURE contributes masking the perception of green characters and enhances the aromatic freshness and the expression of black fruit notes. Wines fermented with this yeast provide great mouthfeel smoothness. 



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