The production of quality sparkling wines is the result of a series of steps which must be optimized to reach the desired final product. The sparkling wine market is currently evolving and, as for still wines, new trends are appearing leading to different types of wines, with more character and sometimes different aromas.

To optimize each stage of production, and in order to provide winemakers with new tools, LAFFORT has gathered, under the LAFFORT SPARK range, the products best suited not only to produce traditional sparkling wines, but also the products enabling the production of wines suitable for the modern consumer.


Among them, we shall note most particularly :


For base wine production, selected specific yeasts allow full development of the must/juice potential. The yeasts contribute significantly to the base wine quality, originality and personality.

For a successful « prise de mousse » the right choice of the yeast is important to reach the fermentative security as well as the desired organoleptical character.

  • Traditionnal option : ZYMAFLORE® SPARK for long maturation, roundness, finesse.
  • Modern option : ZYMAFLORE X5® , the aromatic answer for secondary fermentation.

Lactic bacteria

Necessary to the stability as well as to the wine balance, the MLF is a step which must be well under control. . LACTOENOS® B16 STANDARD is a very resistant strain to low pH characteristic from base wines (2.85 < pH < 3.1). Adaptation to the wine condition is required (download the protocol).


For base wine production, POLYMUST® PRESS is a clarification aid guaranteed « Allergen Free ». Its high capacity to eliminate phenolic acids participates to aromas preservation and allows to obtain fresher wines, with elegant and more intense aromas.
In view of the « prise de mousse », the clarifying agent must be adapted to the « remuage » method and to the desired type of wine:

  • Manual/Automatic remuage - Quick release: CLEANSPARK is a specific formulation that ensures a quick and compact settling and an easy elimination of a perfectly slippery and non-adhesive deposit. Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4
  • Manual "remuage" - Extended lees maturation: MICROCOL® ALPHA : is a bentonite specially selected for manual remuage and ageing wines.
For more informations, please download the Spark brochure


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