Derived from its research on malolactic fermentation, LAFFORT has selected different bacterial strains for their oenological aptitudes and has developed production and inoculation procedures specific to each. LAFFORT’s straistrain-production technology combination provides professionals with optimal MLF control at competitive prices.

Which bacterial strain for which wine?

PreparationAlcoholpHso2Temp.C8 & c10MLF SPEEDCapacity of
LACTOENOS® 450 PreAc ≤ 17%vol. ≥ 3,3 ≤ 60mg/L

≥ 16°C

≥ 61°F

≤ 20 mg/L  C8

≤ 5 mg/L  C10

+++++ +++
LACTOENOS® SB3 Direct ≤ 15%vol.

≥ 3,3

≤ 40mg/L

≥ 16°C

≥ 59°F

≤ 20 mg/L C8

≤ 5 mg/L C10
++ ++
LACTOENOS® B16 Standard ≤ 16%vol. ≥ 2,9 ≤ 60mg/L

≥ 16°C

≥ 59°F

≤ 20 mg/L C8

≤ 5 mg/L  C10
++ +++
MALOSTART® : Malolactic bacterial activator. Increases lactic acid bacteria populations and ensures significantly faster MLF kinetics. In the case of wines with a low nutrient content (thermovinification, absence of lees, very low turbidity…), or after sluggish alcoholic fermentation, in difficult conditions (high % alcohol, late or «spring» MLF…), sluggish malolactic fermentation.

Type of inoculationStep


early co-inoculation 24 h after AF start-up.

450 PreAc®, SB3 Direct®

Saves time and avoids MLF failure. Optimised fermentation management. Reduced production of diacetyl. Reduction of compounds combining SO2 in the wine
Late co-inoculation tardive 1010 density

450 PreAc®

Monopolisation of the ecosystem. Secures a traditional vinification process (AF then MLF).
Sequential inoculation

After AF, at pressing.

450 PreAc®, SB3 Direct®

MLF after post AF maceration. MLF in barrels.

Curative inoculation Later...

B16 Standard®450
, Protocol restarting MLF

Restarting stuck MLF.
Spring MLF.
Download our bacteria brochure
In case of wine with MLF problems, download our MLF restart protocol.
In the case of wine with a low malic acid content (<1 g/L), we advise the adoption of a specific protocol to successfully manage MLF.”


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